Property given to church

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Property given to church

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 11:02
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On Dec. 21, David Cryan presented a deed to Ralph Bond, treasurer of First Baptist Church of Sealy, for the property that has been leased by the Sealy Ministerial Alliance for the past 10 years at 219 Front St.

The church will hold the property until such time as the Sealy Ministerial Alliance completes its 503 (c) nonprofit classification, at which time it will be deeded to the Sealy Ministerial Alliance.

The property, which recently appraised at $290,000, will assure that the Good Samaritan Shop will have a place to operate for as long as the Sealy Ministerial Alliance wishes. The building was part of the property that Cryan acquired with his purchase of the former Sealy News location at 111 Main Street. The Main Street portion of the building is now home to Verity Mortgage at 109 Main, Law Offices of Greg Clements, 111 Main, and All Texas Title Company at 113 Main.

The Good Samaritan Shop operates under the Sealy Ministerial Alliance. The money generated from sales is used to help individuals in the Sealy area pay their utility bill when they are threatened with disconnection because they are delinquent with payment. The shop moved to the Front Street location after Cryan offered to allow The Good Samaritan Shop to use the location for 10 years with a $1 a year lease.

There were two sections to the piece of property at 219 Front St. – approximately 1,800 square feet – that opened to Front Street and an additional approximately 1,800 square feet that opened to the alley in the rear of the property. The space that opened to Front Street currently houses the Good Samaritan Shop and the rear space was used by Cryan as storage space.

Cryan generously offered to donate both spaces to the Ministerial Alliance. The space Cryan used for storage is an open area. It will require a complete build out. And while the extra space will be of a great benefit to the Ministerial Alliance and to the Sealy community, the build-out will require a huge cost.

The Sealy Ministerial Alliance has submitted an application for a Historic District Improvement Grant from the Sealy EDC and Main Street Program which will go through the usual processing and approval requirements through the EDC board of directors, followed by city council approval if passed by the EDC.

If approved, the grant money will go toward helping with the build out expenses of the empty space in the rear including HVAC installation, interior construction of walls and doors, electrical service, ceiling and light installation, painting, flooring and roof repair. They would also like to do improvements to store front on Front Street.

The Sealy Ministerial Alliance is a nonprofit charity and money raised by the Good Samaritan Shop goes back into the community to help the less fortunate of the community. If anyone would like to make a donation to the building rehabilitation project, call Katherine at Sealy EDC at 979-627- 6127. She will forward the information to the appropriate representatives of Sealy Ministerial Alliance.