Way to rally, Sealy


The residents of Sealy are a resilient bunch of people.

As we were planning our storm coverage for this week’s paper – always a wild card because you’re deciding how many pages of wreckage you’ll need while the sun is shining and there’s about 40 different weather models that all show something different – there was a sense that Sealy would be OK.

Sure, there would be some heavy rain and some flooding and some property damage. But the people of Sealy always bounce back.

I was reminded that the day after the microburst storm in May, the school district held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new elementary school. The day after a storm that was deemed worse than a tornado. Several people commented at that time that it was a miracle no one lost their life. One woman told me that her daughter crawled into bed with her that night, while the storm was at its peak. Later that evening a tree fell over on top of their trailer, crushing the area where her daughter would have been sleeping. So many near-misses, and so much resilience.

Some of that is due to faith and hope and those warm fuzzy feelings, but a lot of it is due to good preparation and a strong response.

I know it sometimes feels silly to “mobilize the troops” when you might just end up with a few inches of rain. But you have to do those things because we all know that weather can change in an instant.

We appreciate the emergency responders in Sealy and Austin County, who give us confidence that they’re going to take care of us. We’re grateful to the Texas Department of Transportation and utility companies that provide us information we can share with our readers. We even get messages from gas station employees who let us know when a new shipment of bottled water has arrived.

We don’t always weather every storm in life with perfect precision. There is trial and error, and we have to learn from our mistakes. After all, “a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

Keep doing what you’re doing, Sealy. Be kind to one another. Help your neighbor. Call a friend to make sure they are safe. Thank those first responders. And let’s all work together to make this a better place to live.

April Towery is the managing editor of The Sealy News. She can be reached at 979-885-3562 or editor@sealynews.com


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