Sealy prepares for wishbone offense


Not only does this week’s opponent play in the next class up, they possess a completely different offensive attack than the Tigers have seen in their first two weeks.

The Waller Bulldogs own a 1-1 record and will look to defend their home turf for the second week in a row after the Brenham Cubs were unable to escape with the win.

That field is a familiar one for a pair of Sealy assistant coaches who are graduates of Waller High School. Offensive Coordinator Chris Carruthers and linebackers coach Jeremy Phillips were both Bulldogs first and to boot, Phillips’ father will the head coach standing on the other sideline.

Jim Phillips is in his second stint at the helm of the Waller high football team after hiatuses in Greenville and Pasadena Dobie.

He compiled a 103-84 record from 1990-2007 with sons Jason and Jeremy both getting the chance to play for their father before taking roster spots on Division I schools in TCU and North Texas Respectively.

Both have since assumed coaching positions, falling into the family business.

Coach Phillips (the head coach) runs a wishbone offense with a trio of running backs behind the quarterback which is nearly the complete opposite of the empty-backfield spread-out attack of both Wharton and Navasota.

One thing coaches always mention when defending this type of offense is staying clued into your reads. Each defender has responsibilities to lock on to a specific player to tell them what the play is trending toward.

The linemen are usually the telling signs that show where the play is going; if a lineman from the right side pulls around to get to the left side of the line, it’s likely the ball will be following.

On other plays, the fullback is the lead blocker and the quarterback can vary the run four different ways before ever dropping back to throw a pass to keep the defense guessing.

An added bonus this week that has only increased the pre-game stress has been Mother Nature.

Although the expected “Storm of a lifetime,” set to hit the coast of Carolina in the coming days won’t quite affect this climate, a tropical depression hovering around the Yucatan Peninsula is projected to bring plenty of rain to the state of Texas over the weekend.

Coach Mobley mentioned that the rain isn’t the thing they’re really worried about as the players can always learn a thing or two about ball security in the wet environment, but it’s the lightning of course.

He followed by saying the Tigers could experience some of that precipitation in the district segment of the schedule and Mobley wanted to expose his team to “Every adversity we can face,” to prepare them to the highest degree before those ever-important games that decide the playoff seeding.

However, on the other hand, teams with grass fields need to take a few more precautions to plan for the inches of expected rain over the next couple of days and the Brazos Cougars will actually utilize the vacant T.J. Mills Stadium for their matchup with the Danbury Panthers while Sealy takes to the road for its Friday fight.

The rain did have an impact on the sub-varsity competitions of the Tigers’ though, as the freshmen and JV teams will instead play tonight in order to stay ahead of the rain.

As always be safe traveling in the weather and stay tuned to for any updates.


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