Tiger lifters take third


Once the first-meet jitters passed it was smooth sailing for the Sealy boys’ powerlifting team at their first meet in Weimar last Thursday evening.

Thanks to two first-place winners, a second-place finisher and three more third-place finishers, Sealy finished third in the team competition with 32 points behind only East Bernard (49) and Schulenburg (38).

Head coach Jimmie Osborne explained that the newer members of the team caught up to speed quickly but were surprised by a couple of different things.

“Some of the first-timers they just don’t know how it’s going to go or what it even looks like. No matter how much you practice, once you actually walk out on the platform by yourself it’s different,” he said. “A couple of them were nervous but they were impressed with how much they were able to do. I think a lot of our kids left a lot of weight out on the platform which is to be expected on the first meet. I’m always excited if nobody bombs out and everyone actually finishes the meet, I was really proud of them.”

With a maximum of 11 lifters per official meet under the Texas High School Powerlifting Association, Osborne still had some Tiger athletes who have been practicing with the squad and they were able to gain some valuable first-meet experience as well.

“We took several other guys who weren’t able to lift but those guys all learned how to wrap knees and it wasn’t me trying to run around and wrap everyone and also call everyone up, it was a group effort,” the coach said. “I looked around and the five extra guys that I brought are all dripping sweat and I said, ‘Alright perfect, that’s why you came right there.’”

A pair of Sealy lifters checked in at the 114-pound weight class with Juan Perez (515-pound total) finishing second and Max Wickens (445 pounds) taking third. In the 132-pound weight class, Dylan Thaxton (830) took the top spot with Weslee Novosad (755) not far behind in third overall. Altogether, those four athletes scored 18 points toward the team total.

Leo Casique was the lone Tiger representative at 165 and he took fourth in his class by squatting 275 pounds, benching 215 and deadlifting 375 for a total of 865.

In the 181-pound weight class, Jackson Osborne (975-pound total) was the top Sealy finisher, coming in third in the class, then it was Corey Riley (905) in sixth and Jonathan Monterroza (875) in seventh.

Alvin Nunn took the top spot from the 220-pound weight class, getting out of the gates hot with a 445-pound squat, 250-pound bench press and a 450-pound deadlift for a total of 1145 pounds. So far, that total puts him in 10th overall out of the 43 qualified lifters throughout Region 2 Division 2.

The Tigers also got big contributions from Yahir Alvarez, who took home 6th from the 242-pound weight class with a total of 940 pounds, and Deionte Cooper, who finished 4th in the 275-pound weight class with a 1,065-pound total.

All in all, Osborne was pleased with the efforts put forth but knows there’s still work to be done at the next opportunity this Saturday at Edna High School.

“We’re going to fix all the silly mistakes and the best way to do that is to go out and do it then they’ll understand what I’ve been telling for the last two months,” he said. “I know a lot of guys left weight on the platform in all three lifts so we’re going to try and get as close to the true max as possible and now it’s just a totals game to get them in the top 10 for regionals. Starting Saturday, we’ll nickel and dime people to try and get 10 more pounds here, five more pounds there. Get the totals up and put on some tighter stuff and really start using the gear when they realize what it’ll do for them.”


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