The Vineyard II brings in a crowd, even when food drives away


The Vineyard II not only houses some of the best local Texas Wines and Craft Beers, but their ability to think outside of the box gives them the upper edge on attracting a gaggle of thirsty customers. 

Owners Steve and Kathy Bullard knew they would need a niche product to bring customers in from the surrounding towns but how they are doing it should be an eye opener to other business. 

Saturday marked my wedding anniversary, so my husband and I decided to take the short drive out to Eagle Lake. Once arriving to the Vineyard II we were immediately welcomed by Kathy’s warm smile and sincere hugs. 

The atmosphere was lively and upbeat; everyone laughing and having a great time.

Keeping us entertained was a fiery red-haired woman from the Pasadena area; Traci Cooper. Her rendition was compiled of everything from smooth jazz to Patsy Cline. It was the highlight of the night.

Moving to the outside, the Bullard’s enticed our senses with “Whacha Cravin’’” food truck. I spoiled myself with the Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork on Texas toast drizzled with BBQ sauce. For my side, I had to have the creamy mac ‘n’ cheese.

My husband chose the fish and chips, which I found delicious.

He obviously had no choice but to share. 

Whacha Cravin’ is a Katy-based panel truck offering a wide variety of gourmet food options. The Vineyard II brought in the truck as part of its “Food Truck Fridays” rotation, which will soon attract such mobile outlets as Muiishi Makirritos, a Korean Fusion truck, and Wylie’s Food Truck – actually a converted trailer with a large dove painted on the outside and fried goodness on the inside.

It was a wonderful night with great friends and tremendous food and wine. I wondered why we don’t have this kind of events in Sealy? Food trucks are all the craze now in Houston and San Antonio. There are websites that broadcast their location and menus and a few have even become brick-and-mortar establishments.

Why not here? Upon doing some research I found my answer:

Back in 2005 city council passed the ordinance Sec. 42-64. - (a) Units may not be permanently parked in one location. Units may stay at any one location for no more than 45 minutes at one time.

Section 42-59 of the Code or Ordinances states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a mobile food service establishment within the city without a valid permit.” 

Yes it seems that we can have food trucks but must get a variance every time we want to have one at an event. 

Hmmm should we get with the times and update this? Forty-five minutes is not a lot of time. Forty-five minutes hardly gives time for easing the cravings of the masses. Jesus got more time with the loaves and fishes. Heck, it’s not even a real lunch hour.What are your thoughts? Email them to


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