The Valentine’s Fairy


Celebrating holidays with kids has a way of making even "National Hot Dog Day” (coming to a barbecue near you on July 23) sound like reason enough to party.

I love the anticipation, planning and excitement that come with the onset all of the holidays, but, unfortunately, most of them are already spoken for. Santa rules over Christmas, the Bunny has Easter cornered, but Valentine’s Day (one of my favorites) is up for grabs.

I know that one day my tiny humans will grow up and realize that all of the stockings were stuffed by Mom and Dad, but there was something just ever-so-slightly lackluster in passing off all that gifting credit over to a jolly, bearded man that doesn’t exist.

Enter the “Valentine’s Day Fairy.”

I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly where the idea came from, but as we ate nuggets after church this week, I found myself going into serious detail about the mythical creature that was going to come sprinkle love and treats all over the house the night before Valentine’s Day. A few weeks ago our kindergartener had a “Fairytale Parade” at school (where he rocked an awesome Big Bad Wolf costume), and my three-nager daughter is ALL princesses and unicorns ALL the time … so maybe a fairy manifestation has probably been brewing in me for quite some time.

“Well you see,” I said to the kids in-between bites, "the night before Valentine’s Day, after you go to sleep, a beautiful fairy flies around the house and sprinkles love and treats all over the place!” My daughter was on board from the start and squealed with delight that an actual fairy was going to be in HER house. My oldest was a bit more skeptical, but, hey there were treats on the line, so he wasn’t going to question it too much, and my littlest guy simply raised his hands in the air and shouted, “YAY!”

After seeing their excitement, I doubled down on my fairy promises and gave them more of an idea about the kinds of things they could expect: decorations on their doors, lots of chocolate, maybe even a book or a toy. I was laying it on pretty thick because … wait for it … the beautiful Valentine’s Day Fairy is... ME! That’s right kids, for one night only, Mommy gets to turn into a fairy, fly around the house, and spread extra love everywhere so that your Wednesday morning is magical beyond magical.

Honestly, I think that’s pretty much my job description seven days out of the week, but, hey, what’s the harm in getting a bit of extra credit, right?

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Houston area. She blogs at - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.


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