The relationship between times of crisis and sports


I have never experienced a hurricane before. Growing up in the Midwest, I am no stranger to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes but nothing that compares with the magnitude of Harvey.

As it began to come into the area, I was sitting in my apartment and close to my dog while the storm raged on outside and Amber alerts were coming in seemingly every five minutes. The power was flickering off and on but when it was on, I found my nerves getting worse.

That’s when I turned on the television and decided to watch a preseason NFL game.

I could have been watching The Weather Channel or the local news for updates on the storm but I needed something else to focus on. Something to help get my mind off the chaos going on just outside my window.

It was a prime example of why I love sports. Some say sports is an overall pointless endeavor and the sentence, “there are bigger things to worry about” is said all the time by people who just don’t understand.

They don’t understand that the value of sports not only comes in the life lessons that can be taught to those who play them but the effect on the viewer as well. Sports offers an escape, an event a community can come together to witness and cheer for.

Sealy, Houston and all the surrounding areas will likely be dealing with the fallout of the storm for months, maybe even years. People have lost their homes and their property. It will not be a time of happiness to repair them.

So when looking for reprieve from the sadness and grim feeling that will inevitably cloak recovery efforts, people will look to sports for enjoyment. They will turn their televisions to the Texans as the NFL season begins, the Astros locking up their playoff spot and will attend Sealy Tigers football games on Friday nights.

As the community helps each other rebuild what was lost, a similar sense of community will fall onto the town as they cheer for the Tigers while wearing black and yellow.

Sports are important and times like these prove why. So if you find yourself constantly downtrodden by the circumstances, sports will always be there to help you escape them for a while.

Tad Desai covers sports and education for The Sealy News. He can be reached at 979-885-3562 or via email at


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