Thanks to Good Samaritan


To the editor:

On Tuesday about 4:50 p.m. I drove into Brown Truck tire shop, both major doors were shut and a couple mechanics were just ready to leave work for the day. I told the young man in the office that I had a flat tire on my car and could he help me?

He did not hesitate, he said drive in through the second door. He opened it and I drove in, the two mechanics then followed me into the garage without being asked. They jacked up my car, removed the wheel with the flat tire and replaced it with the spare wheel and tire. They then put the flat back in the trunk. No grumbling, even though it was closing time and they were ready to drive home themselves.

I am a senior, 81 years and would have had a tough time doing what they did.

They then totally surprised me by saying “No charge, drive safely.”

I want to thank them again publicly, not enough credit from my simple thanks.

Don Hovis


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