Summer’s out, school’s in


I’ve been trolling around on social media over the last week or two and noticing a lot of posts about how folks are sad to see summer come to a close.

I get it. Once school starts back up, traffic gets worse, days move faster, and things inevitably snap back to their standard level of chaos. I, however, feel like doing a victory lap simply because I survived the summer!

This was my first full-time, stay-at-home working mom summer with three kids (all who are under the age of 6), and I did it! We survived without major illnesses or injuries, and, for the most part, really enjoyed our time together. Some moments were more glorious and educational than others, but … Whatever! Mission accomplished.

I had a lot of fear as May came to an end. Of course, I’ve spent tons of time alone with my kids, but it was different. Previously we had one or two kiddos in a summer program or day camp, but not this year. Now, with three children, money can be tight, so it was time for me to step up to the plate and take one for the family team. But, what exactly were we going to do with each other for the next three months? Back then, it felt like these 12 weeks of summer would be an eternity.

Thankfully, I was wrong, and we managed to fill our days rather easily. We kicked it off with a mini-vacation in Galveston over Memorial Day and then continued with all-day-long pajama parties, bug hunts in the yard, trips to the library, play dates, tons of coloring, birthdays, a few errands and lots of fun with grandparents. (God bless grandparents.)

Thinking back, the one criticism I would give myself is that next year, I might (might) want to lay off the morning cartoons. I’m not a rise-and-shine kind of a girl, and I probably milked those morning snuggles a bit too much, but, hey, I’m only human!

Now here’s the kicker.

I have to survive kindergarten. I’m being rocketed into a whole other dimension of parenting because, for the first time, we’re enrolled in honest-to-goodness school. Gone are the days of day school when you could play hooky because going to the zoo or taking a long weekend sounded like a better plan. Now, if you don’t show up, there’s some serious accountability. Also for the first time, Mama is going to be faced with things like field trips, room parties, and (gulp) PTA. These are all things I’ve been looking forward to, including the PTA, but my little kindergartener isn’t the only one with some nervousness. I know my son is up to the challenge, and, I hope I will rise to the occasion as gracefully as I know he will.

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Houston area. She blogs at - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.  


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