Stop the bleed, save a life


Austin County EMS is reaching out to the community to help provide life-saving tools for local schools, law enforcement agencies, first responders, fire departments and public entities.

Uncontrolled bleeding is the No. 1 cause of preventable death from trauma. A person with a life-threatening injury from a car crash or a gunshot wound can bleed to death in three minutes. On average, it takes five to eight minutes for fire/police/EMS to arrive on a 911 call.

Serious bleeding from an extremity is the most frequent cause of preventable death from an injury. Life-threatening bleeding warrants immediate interventions, and in most cases the person who can provide that immediate care is not a trained healthcare provider or first responder.

Everyone can become equipped to save lives by learning how to apply a tourniquet. The training takes minutes but can make a huge difference when every second counts.

In a time when we, unfortunately, experience terrorist attacks, active shooter events and natural catastrophic events on a semi-regular basis, it can be difficult for EMS to enter the scene before the situation becomes fatal. It’s important that everybody who is capable be armed with bleed control skills in an effort to minimize the effects of tragic situations.

Free training on Stop the Bleed is offered by Austin County.

For more information on this training please contact Capt. Lori Gaines at

“Our goal is to raise 400 trauma tourniquets and 100 complete trauma and bleeding control kits,” Gaines said. “These trauma kits and tourniquets will be placed in the schools and other public entities as well as given out to first responding organizations within the county.”

The public can support the mission by visiting


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