Sealy senior finds family in the band


It is an hour before the Sealy Tigers football team takes the field in their homecoming match against the Columbus Cardinals.

The high school’s band is getting ready at the junior high next to T.J. Mills Stadium getting dressed, making sure their instruments work correctly and going over their song sets.

In charge of it all is senior Paige Moyle. As she is about to step out of the room, she calls to the band with three cries of “Hey, Band!”

They all cry back in unison and listen intently as she instructs them on what to do while she is out. It is reminiscent of a coach and their team or a general and their army.

But Moyle doesn’t see the band as a team that needs to be led or soldiers that needs orders barked at them. To her, there’s more than that. In the band, Moyle found a family.

“That’s why I love band so much because I immediately had a connection with these people,” Moyle said.

The connections were crucial for Moyle who moved from Michigan to Sealy when she was in the fifth grade after her father got a job in Houston. Moyle said the move was initially difficult

“It was hard because I had to adjust to everything like the weather, finding new friends and my family is in Michigan,” Moyle said. “I started band in the sixth grade and I immediately had a family.”

Moyle was named the head drum major which includes the responsibilities of conducting, calling out the songs and other managing responsibilities. Moyle described it as being the manager while faculty supervisor Rolando Cantu is the CEO.

“I really like just getting on the podium and getting ready to start the show before the games,” Moyle said. “I get to do that every Friday night until the football season stops.”

Of course as with any job, it comes with its downsides as well but Moyle says even those have improved.

“Being drum major, there’s an automatic assumption that you’re hated because you’re the leader,” Moyle said. “But this year they’ve really changed their tune and there’s a lot of respect around.”

Moyle said she and two other drum majors were grateful for the respectful nature of the band which has made it easier to run. The band has been so efficient this year, Moyle said they were ahead of schedule in terms of learning shows.

“Before the hurricane hit, we were so far ahead of where we were last year,” Moyle said. “We have a good balance of getting stuff done but also having fun as well.”

Moyle was able to win the position by trying out and displaying commitment to the band and demonstrating good leadership.

She said she is planning on pursuing band after she graduates from Sealy. But for now, she is just focusing on enjoying her time with her Sealy family.

“We have good days and bad days, we fight and we pick on each other but in the end we all come together,” she said. 


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