Sealy schools to remain closed through Easter break

Teachers will have an in-service day April 13, students will return April 14


The Sealy ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved extending school closures for another three weeks at an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon at the Sealy ISD administration building.

Teachers will have an in-service day on April 13 and students will return on April 14.

“Things are changing not daily but hourly,” said Sealy Superintendent Sheryl Moore. “We could be back here in a couple of weeks making a different decision, but I think it’s only fair to our families and our faculty and staff to make a decision today.”

After a brief discussion, Joe Mike Young made the motion and Jay Aguado seconded the motion and it passed 6-0 to close school through Easter break. Despite the time out of school, the learning will not stop, the board said. Online instruction will be available starting Monday.

“For our pre-k through fifth grade, we will have packets and students that have access to internet at home, they can access all of that on their own at home,” Moore said. “If there’s somebody who doesn’t have access to any of that, where we’re distributing meals at Maggie B. Selman, we will also distribute packets starting Monday.

“Of the survey that we sent out to our families in Sealy ISD,” Moore continued, “the vast majority of them have access to the technology. But if not, when they come pick up a meal, they can also pick up hard copies. That’s for pre-k through fifth; for sixth through 12th grade, it will be all online.”

Also, since STARR testing was waived this year, there will be no makeup days needed at the back end of the calendar, meaning graduation is still on track for May 22.

Moore also mentioned that a weekly schedule is also in the works and will be finalized in a letter that will be sent to families.

“We kind of worked out a little schedule,” she said. “On Monday and Wednesday is language arts and social studies. Tuesdays and Thursdays, they’ll be working on math and science and our hope is that on Fridays, they will do independent reading, electives. We hear all the time; ‘Where do kids learn how to balance a checkbook or change the oil in a car and all those practical, every-day things?’

“We are hoping,” Moore continued, “that parents will take that opportunity on Friday to do some of those things at home that they might not have had an opportunity to teach their kids to do yet. I’ve got a letter that I’m working on that will go out to parents today that by Friday, they will have information regarding instructional practices that they will be following beginning Monday. Today, they’ll know somethings coming and by Friday they will have all that information.”

Of course, above all else, one message was made loud and clear.

“Stay calm, and the work being done by our production and technical staff, you can be so proud of their efforts,” Moore said.

Both Bellville and Brazos ISD boards of trustees have emergency meetings scheduled for Thursday, March 19, to determine an emergency extension of school closures.


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