Sealy ISD partners with local businesses


Sealy ISD has begun its partnership with almost a dozen businesses throughout the city to help bring their students real-world experience they otherwise would not otherwise experience.

Every business that partners with the school is given a sticker to put on their windows signifying they are open for students to approach them and ask anything they’d like. Superintendent Sheryl Moore said some businesses like Dr. Kannappan Krishnaswamy’s clinic are going as far as allowing students to “work” alongside them.

“He wants kids to come in and shadow his co-workers and of course it’s good for him too because if he can find someone who wants to pursue a career, now he knows someone in town who can potentially work for him,” Moore said.

Others, like Sealy Eye Clinic, are allowing students who approach them to witness inner-workings of their jobs like walking them through a normal eye checkup from the doctor’s perspective.

“Who knows what type of curiosity this could spark up for the kids,” Moore said. “It’s all about starting the discussion and getting them interested.”

Moore said the students’ interest was the driving factor in getting the partnership started up and she hoped they would see the lessons they learned in the classroom come to life and be applied to the real world.

“We want to identify these missed learning opportunities that a kid could have and make sure they grab that opportunity,” Moore said. “So what I’m asking businesses is to think what lessons they could teach that the kids would think are cool and overtly offer those to them.”

Along with the stickers that are put on the businesses’ front doors is a piece of paper that says “Ask me about…” allowing businesses the freedom to specify exactly what they’re offering the students.

Moore said not only is this a good opportunity for the students of all Sealy ISD schools but also the businesses involved as well.

“It’s good for the business because it helps build relationships between the business and the community and they are sincerely contributing to the education of the kids in the community,” Moore said. “You put everything together and it’s a real community experience between the business, the student and the parents.”

Moore said she is putting together a video that will help train the families and students around town to look out for the stickers and inspire more businesses to join. The Sealy News will post the video to our Facebook page upon release.


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