Sealy ISD food supplier donates to shelters


Donations are always a crucial need in times of disasters like Sealy is experiencing now. Last week, a big donation came from the Southwest Foodservice Excellence who supplies the local schools with their cafeteria meals.

Monty Staggs, who is the president of SFE, said anytime there is a crisis the company feels the need to help out the affected community.

“As a company it’s something we believe in,” Staggs said. “When students, communities and people are hit we want to help.”

SFE has a history of helping out other communities in times of crisis. Staggs said the company was one of the first donors of food when a fertilizer facility exploded near Waco in 2013. They also often donate food to communities affected by wildfires in Arizona near the company’s corporate offices.

Sealy High School Principal Megan Oliver came up with the idea to donate perishable items such as fruit, vegetables and milk. She said she approached SFE with the idea and was able to deliver the food the following day.

Oliver delivered the food with Shannon Culpepper, Randall Krchnak, Laura and Jimmie Osborne and Gary Dickens, Lisa and Ryan Svoboda and Sheryl Moore, Sarah Magee and Doug Young.

“We love our community and will always do all we can to help-we appreciate all of the volunteers that were assisting,” Oliver said. “We are just so proud of our community.”

Staggs said that if the need for food continues, SFE will be more than happy to continue donations.

“As this goes on, there will be days where there’s still need and we need to do our part,” Staggs said.

While some companies are interested in partnerships at their most simple: one party pays the other supplies the product and leave it at that, Staggs said that’s not the type of partnership SFE shares with its partners.

“It’s the reason we’re in this, whether it’s people not associated with the schools or the school children themselves, we think it’s our part to become part of the community,” Staggs said. “It’s not just about showing up and punching the clock.”

In its first year of the partnership between Sealy ISD and SFE, the gesture of food donations seems to promise it will be a good one that extends beyond just business.


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