Protection against break-ins


Even though, home and car break-ins aren’t as evident for the time being, law enforcement still advises citizens to be wary.

Sealy Police Department Detective Jason Manies of the Criminal Investigations Division said they have seen a decrease in these types of crimes over the last year as opposed to the previous year.

But, there is a heightened season for break-ins.

“There are two times of the year when [break-ins] occur more frequently. During the summer and the 30 to 45-day period prior to Christmas,” Manies said.

There are precautions that can be taken, Mainies said.

“Lock your doors, secure your property, and install an alarm system. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Additionally, speak with your neighbors, build a relationship with them and watch out for each other and each other’s property,” Manies said.

Sealy PD offers a vacation and frequent patrol request list called close patrol. A close patrol is enacted when a citizen will be away from their residence, or business, for an extended period, are recent victims of a crime or request police presence because criminal activity is believed to be heightened in that area.

“Anyone can place a close patrol on their residence or business anytime they will be out of town or on vacation. There are certain circumstances when a close patrol is requested on a residence when the homeowner is home, typically a victim of a serious crime,” he said.

Signing up for these programs can be as simple as filling out a form online.

“A close patrol notifies the officers on duty that a resident has requested officer presence on their property or residence while out of town or on vacation. The officer will drive by that residence once during that officer’s shift to generally look for signs of criminal activity on that property,” Manies said. “A person can request to have a close patrol as long as they are out of town or on vacation.”

Aside from vacations or crime victims, many departments will not exceed close patrols for longer than one month.


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