Marcus A. Peña


Name: Marcus A. Peña

Office running for: Austin County Tax Assessor-Collector

City of residence: Bellville

Age: 39

Family: Wife – Ivette and Daughter – Victoria (16 months)

Occupation: Tax Assessor-Collector Austin County

Education: BS – Accounting, B. Theology, Earning MBA


What are your qualifications for this position?:

I have worked 16 years as an accountant.  The skills and experience of an accountant are crucial to effectively meet the needs of the tax office. My leadership skills have enabled me to go above and beyond my “job description”; I have worked with the state legislature, fighting for property tax relief and defeating the option fee on vehicle registration to taxpayers.   I am well versed in the election code and law, as well as the transportation code. I am adaptable to change and have a vision for the tax office and the county for years to come.

What sets you apart from your opponent(s)?:

I am a servant-leader first to my community.  Whether it’s sitting on the executive and board of directors of Bellville Chamber of Commerce, Advisory Board of Rising Academic Performance, and State Association Committees or serving my home church Christian City Fellowship, I am always seeking different ways I can serve others.  I have a proven track record of leadership and positive changes in the tax office, in the motor vehicle division, and the elections division. I have served on the Austin County early voting ballot board, helped on republican primaries, as well as served as Precinct Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Austin County Republican Party. I have fought at the state legislature in Austin for Austin County on different pieces of legislation that would have hurt us. I have authored a bill to bring tax dollars that were spent on special elections back to Austin County. I am on all these boards and committees to be a voice for Austin County, to stay connected, to stay informed and in turn inform our community, and to ensure Austin County’s needs are being met.

What are the main issues and goals you wish to address in this position?:

My goal is to take the county in elections to polling centers where the voters can vote at any location on election day instead of having to drive to their polling place. I would also like to provide more services in our motor vehicle division where our taxpayers can renew their vehicle registration at their local grocery shopping store or bank such as; Walmart, Brookshire Bros, Industry State Bank. I would also cut the cost of election in half by going electronic.

What other information would you like voters to know about you?:

My faith guides me in all areas of my life. My core values is God, family, Job, Church without this core it is hard to lead. I have always been a servant-leader, from my time in high school on the student council to college, in business, church, and in public office. I never forget where I came from and how I need to open doors for the next generation of Austin County youth to step into my shoes and run. I want legacy is not to be about how many titles I can hold but how many people I can help and serve along the way. Though, I know that it is important for me to be involved with my community because that is my heart to always serve and help. I often reflect on my favorite verse in the Bible, 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in speech, in conduct, in love in faith and in purity.” I always want to be an example to my community.


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