LifeBridge among disaster relief centers giving aid


Walking through the doors of LifeBridge church, it is completely empty in the front but in the garage to the side, no one is standing still. Members of the Sealy Christian Pantry and the church are bustling from table to table.

Some tables have blankets and jackets on them, others have baby supplies and personal hygiene products and one even has a small pile of toys including a three-foot pink stuffed dragon resting on top.

The church has approximately 40 volunteers who have been working throughout the week to help those affected by storms whether they are Sealy civilians, FEMA workers or just fellow Texans.

When talking about what the volunteers experienced throughout their days of work, they never once spoke about themselves but the way they spoke about others said enough about how it made them feel.

“We started in the beginning of the week by feeding FEMA drivers because they got stranded at Sealy High School,” said Astra Jenkins, one of the volunteers. “We were serving them hot meals and after that they were able to get into Katy.”

Jenkins said the amount of donations not just at LifeBridge but many donation centers around the state of Texas has been overwhelming. The church was able to refill the donations given away about five times in just two days.

Jenkins then showed a website where people all over the state can request donations from centers. She pointed out one family in Wharton asking for clothes and other donations.

She said that even if the people aren’t in Sealy, the volunteers at LifeBridge are doing their best to meet all requests.

“We’re going to try to get into Wharton despite the flooding,” Jenkins said. “If we have it and they need it then we try to get it to them.”

The volunteers use their own vehicles to attempt to reach affected areas. In one such case, it wasn’t a physical donation someone made but one just as important.

“One of the FEMA drivers here had a family emergency so he was dropped off at a Katy shelter and he got over [to our shelter},” Jenkins said. “We put a request in to get him to San Antonio he could fly home and someone was here in five minutes and drove him the whole way.” 


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