Letters To The Editor: Gun free zones are a mistake


Dear Editor,

Now that it’s legal to open and concealed carry a handgun in Texas many businesses seem to be running scared that a legal firearm might enter their business. I need to remind them that the mass shootings in the country occurs in “gun free zones.” Some of those shootings have been stopped by legal gun carrying citizens. These gun free signs and no gun signs appear to me to be an open invitation to all the robbers and shooters and terrorists to come in and do what they will. These signs are a blatant sign that “we are defenseless.” Come on in and rob us and our patrons at your leisure. We cannot stop you or defend ourselves. When these places get robbed and someone killed I place the blame on the owner who did not allow legal gun carrying customers the chance to defend theirselves or possibly protect the one that got shot.

30.06 and 30.07 is an open invitation for disaster in your business. If you think for one second that criminals and terrorists care at all about your gun control laws and signs you are delusional.

Jerald Mitchell

Eagle Lake


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