Letters To The Editor: Companies should pay for their own training


Dear Editor,

The Texas Workforce has awarded Blinn College, Blue Bell and Stanpac $500,000 to train its workers. While I’m very happy that Blinn will benefit by doing the training, shouldn’t multimillion dollar companies like Blue Bell and Stanpac train their own workers?

Billionaire Sid Bass bailed out Blue Bell when they were in the tank for poisoning people with listeria. Shouldn’t he pay for the employee training? $500k is a pittance to him.  Wouldn’t it have been better if that half million went to help small businesses in the county? Even better, how about that $500,0000 going to Blinn to train people who are unemployed or working poor who want to train for a better job?

Other corporations train their own employees. My Dad worked for Ford Motor company and received on the job training to become a welder and then a welder repairman, enabling him to build a big enough house for our large family. Ford even trained their own engineers back then. So many corporations today get big tax breaks and grants and yet pay low wages. We the taxpayers are subsidizing their companies while it is the small businesses that are the lifeblood of the economy.

Lucy Horne



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