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San Felipe attorney refutes stories

Dear Editor,

I write in response to the November 19th article entitled “San Felipe mum about police now and then: Mayor has history of keeping secrets”. The “article” represents the culmination of a recent series of stories featuring unnamed sources, unattributed quotes, conclusory assertions, misleading statements and outright falsehoods. Leading up to your most recent story, the Sealy News exhibited a litany of irresponsible reporting, including:

· Wrongfully asserting that the Town had dismantled its reserve police force, when it had not;

· Erroneously referring to a Facebook page as being affiliated with the Town of San Felipe Police Department instead of investigating the true origin of the site in question; and

· Erroneously leading readers to believe that the Town’s police department had been involved in “the plantation bust” when in fact none of the Town’s officers were involved in those arrests.

While these misstatements reflect irresponsible reporting, the November 19th article crossed the line into malicious, baseless and personal attacks.

First, let’s note that the author of the article was forced to reach back to incidents in 2003 and 2007 in order to find something to write about. Why someone would dredge up incidents that are a decade old in order to manufacture a controversy is bewildering, and only the author (or those spurring him on) know the true motivations.

Second, the article fails to note that in October 2015, the Sealy News was provided with over 200 pages of documents, including time-sheets, bank records, and salary data. Those documents must have failed to yield anything scandalous, forcing the News to proceed with its ad hominem attacks.

Third, let’s address the assertion that “the only thing consistent in the last decade has been the dismissive silence of San Felipe’s leadership.” A close reading of the article reveals that the opposite is true – the Town has shown unprecedented transparency in the last decade. The last time that the Town sought permission to withhold information from the public was in late 2003 – over 12 years ago! In response to that effort, cited in the article, the Attorney General ruled that the Town was legally obligated withhold portions of the information at issue. The Town has voluntarily complied with every information request in the subsequent decade. Therefore, what we have is not a decade of secrecy, but a decade of transparency.

One can only speculate as to the motives for those who wish to manufacture a scandal where none exists. However, the residents of San Felipe should feel confident that their public officials are governing in a responsible and transparent manner – despite what they may read in the paper.

Ross Fischer, Town Attorney

Town of San Felipe

(Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a series of articles The Sealy News has done about the City of San Felipe. As always, we appreciate and encourage different opinions.)

Commissioner tired of ‘old’ news

Dear Editor,

Would you please stop putting my picture on your front page? I don’t want my mother to find out that I’m a politician; she thinks I’m the piano player in a brothel. The picture of me dancing in a bra with the County Judge has confused my daughters, but your regurgitating old and false accusations by the Doo-fuss brothers is getting old …

It must have been a very slow news week in Sealy! Or, maybe y’all think a front page story about Reese Turner is like Fox News giving extra air time to Donald Trump: sure to drive up audience. I understand your needs, but I beg you to find a NEW story, not one that has been around since last March …

And, I think you ought to write your own articles, Joe Southern. By the length and boringness of the piece, it is obviously a Marc Young epistle. Not since reading Beowulf in college do I find any writings so boring.

If you are going to continue to discredit your newspaper with this same story, just retold, I suggest that you change the name of your paper to “Groundhog Daily”.


Reese Turner

Commissioner, Pct 1

Austin County


Notice of theft at Levine Park    

Dear Editor,

There have been a series of thefts at Levine Park and we wish to inform every one about them in an effort to possibly catch the thieves and at the same time protect our residents.

The Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association members in the Sealy area and Garden Club of Sealy members take pride in volunteering to keep Levine Park beautiful by maintaining its gardens for the enjoyment of all. They weed, prune roses and other plants and add blooming plants for each season. Unfortunately, we have discovered that two rose bushes, three shrubs, two water hoses, and two irrigation timers have been stolen. In addition, a picnic table that was under the pavilion was picked up and placed on one of the flower beds, thus damaging some of the plants.

Further, dog owners have not been diligent in removing dog feces from flower beds and walkways. We have alerted the police department to patrol the area and ask residents to report any suspicious activity (and note license plate numbers) to the police department at 979-885-2913 so that these thieves can be caught. We are also concerned that these thefts could lead to other crimes. We urge everyone to help us in finding these thieves.

Thank you,

Renee Kofman

Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association

Levine Park Beautification Committee Chair


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