Letters To The Editor


Dear Editor,

Funny math in Sealy ISD. One is the Bond election and two seven grade math teachers. There is a man and a woman teacher that teach seven grade math. The lady teacher one class, the man taught the advanced class. In Jan. 2016 they exchanged classes with the blessing of the superintendent. The reason was the advanced class weren’t making high grades. If you do math, how will the more advance do with this teacher. Was this a reason to change teachers? Answer they are lost I talked to the principal. He told me he didn’t care and he was leaving. This is what the superintendent wanted. These two math problems I have trouble with.

George Einkauf



Dear Editor, 

The Board of Directors of Animal Friends Shelter in Bellville would like to take this opportunity to thank the many wonderful people in Austin County and beyond who have stepped up to help in the aftermath of the devastating flood of April 18th. A famous quote about giving reads, “It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act”. So many did act. Thank you to the firefighters, law enforcement officers, and volunteers who went in by boat and large vehicle to remove our caretaker and his family and twenty two of our dogs from the flooded shelter grounds. Thank you to all of those who transported dogs to Lamp Veterinary Clinic, Bowers Veterinary Clinic, and Main Street Animal Hospital. We are so grateful to these veterinarians and their staffs who offered refuge and care to our frightened and injured animals. Thank you to all of those individuals who volunteered to foster our dogs until we can find permanent placement for each of them. And of course, a big thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who have opened their hearts and their pocketbooks to help the shelter. Your generosity has been overwhelming. We’re not out of the woods, yet, but we have made major strides toward our goal of relocating, rebuilding, and restoring Animal Friends Shelter. Thank you all for your compassion for the animals in our care.


Kim Elder

Gemey Isenhower

Stuart Travis


Sealy ISD Taxpayers/Voters,

Thank you for your overwhelming support of the recent school bond election! The children/students of Sealy ISD will benefit for years from this result and it is all because of your willingness to support the bond and invest in our children’s futures.

Thank you also to the Long Range Planning Committee members who worked behind the scenes to see this to fruitition. Won’t name ‘em, you know who you are!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Cano



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