Letter To The Editor: Our schools are growing in population and in age


On May 7, we will have the opportunity to approve a bond package for our schools. For those of us that served on the Planning Committee, the decision will be easy. 

We were able to tour the facilities, and see the pictures of the roofs ‘bubbling’ up after years of exposure. We heard testimonies of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues from the maintenance department and the teachers that have worked there. 

The committee was presented with needs approaching $80 million. 

We turned away some tasks for a later date, and prioritized those with the largest impact to our school’s general population. 

There is no getting around the need for more classrooms. The actual and projected population clearly shows that need. As early as this next fall, the administration may be forced into holding some classes in non-standard classrooms like a theatre or gymnasium. 

The potential to move in portable trailers is real. The building of a new elementary to house PK-5 grades, and upgrading Selman Elementary, was the most cost effective way to a long-term solution and creates more room for the over-crowded Junior High. Elementary schools are the least expensive to build, and the new grade alignment has produce the best results for the kids in other districts. 

Please visit the Bond informational website link on the Sealy ISD home page and the LRFPC link. Now is the time to vote FOR our kids, our school, and our Community. 

--Charlie Verm, Sealy


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