Letter To The Editor: On “County opposed to waste facility”


Sealy and Austin County is way too close to Houston which is a highly industrialized city and the largest producer user of chemical in the US. The sewage industry WILL truck to your county from other Counties undetected.

Look up a little know regulation 40 CFR 261.30(d) and 261.33 (4), every US industry connected to a sewer can discharge any amount of hazardous and acute hazardous waste into sewage treatment plants. Then when the TCEQ tells you pretreatment of these industrial chemical are strictly regulated, go read the EPA’s Office of Inspector General’s Report No. 14-P-0363- 09/2014 where you will instantly see they are lying to you. “More Action Is Needed to Protect Water Resources from unmonitored Hazardous Chemicals”

Here is the way the sewage CON works. You will hear “Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) are going to spend 8 million and fix the sewage problem and produce Class “A” bio solids (BS).” 10 million later they have a system of nice shinny chrome reactors or digesters producing methane. They market it as the end all beat all, beneficial and safe, solution to the sewage problem. Class “A” Exceptional Quality BS. If they tell you it is “safe”, they are lying.

Here is where the WWTP con artists hide the underlying health risk of hazardous chemicals and pathogens. They only test for arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium and zinc all building blocks of cancer and one single indicator organism test for all pathogens. There are 80,000 chemicals used today. Read the paper on pathogens.

The EPA has stated it would be too expensive to test for every chemical or pathogen in sewage sludge and continue to use 1970-80 data as an excuse to keep the ill-conceived CFR 40-503 process around. Would that sound like a Con or Conspiracy? Money is involved. Your health is involved.

To make the Con more interesting the EPA even list some of these chemicals in the 2009 Targeted National Survey of Sewage Sludge.

Let’s tell farmers and land owners that this processed sewage sludge Class A is “beneficial and safe” and leave out the hazardous, toxic contamination part. In fact let’s tell the farmers that “we test for pathogens and heavy metals.” 

The EPA does not require full disclosure on the contents of bulk sewage all with industrial, hospital/medical, storm and household waste. The Con Artists test just twice a month on hundreds of thousands of tons of this so call Class A or AB or B sewage sludge all over the US.

Farmers /Buyers/ Texas Citizens beware! 

I challenge you to read just some of the information on the first page. http://www.stopsewagedumpsellis.com/

I fight this fight for my Texas!

Craig Monk

Ellis County 


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