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You published a New Year’s/Mea culpa letter from my young and former friend, the county judge, which needs some clarification for those who do not understand mangled metaphors. Please allow me to help.  Where he claims to have been accused of “stealing money from the orphanage” he is likely referring to HIS plan and HIS tie-breaking vote, reported by the News which transfers around $400,000 from the road funds in precincts 1 and 2, down to his Sealy area pals in precincts 3 and 4.  Every year! Every single year. This treats the people of precincts 1 and 2 like orphans.  See how metaphors work?

Now, where he wrote he was accused of “running bootleg alcohol in an orange stock car with a 01 on the side”, he was referring to a red fire truck with “Cat Spring Fire Dept” on the side wherein his mentor and hose buddy, the precinct 3 commissioner, intoxicated the young county judge into the servant of the south county he has become.  His “convening the mafia” alludes to my assertion in commissioners court that the “Cat Spring Mafia” seems to have gained control of county government.

I cannot comment on his Mea culpa, “I have made some mistakes and I have owned up to them”. I must have missed that meeting.  Let me re-watch that video and get back to you. I suspect, however, that the statement is a metaphor representing, “with sure support from south county commissioners, I have 3 votes and I can do whatever the heck I want to do.”  Metaphorically speaking…

Reese Turner



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