Homeowner’s can learn septic systems maintenance


According to a report by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on-site sewage facilities, also known as septic systems, are the system of choice for approximately 20% of the new homes built in Texas.

The systems must be built and maintained to ensure they do their job properly and protect the environment. When it comes to maintenance of the systems, all work completed on them must be performed by a licensed installer or directly by the homeowner when it is their single-family residence. County health departments may require maintenance performed on septic systems be done by a licensed maintenance company or may allow homeowners to complete a maintenance course to be able to complete the maintenance themselves.

For anyone interested in learning more about general maintenance of septic systems or those who would like to receive certification to maintain their own aerobic system the Washington County Extension Office will be offering a Homeowner Maintenance of Septic Systems Course on Thursday, Aug. 29. The course will take place at the Washington County Fairgrounds Sales Facility and will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. and the program concluding by 4 p.m.

The course provides a basic understanding of the operational and maintenance activities of the conventional and aerobic septic systems, with a focus on aerobic systems, and explains how activities within the home impact septic systems. Presentations will cover the treatment process, health, and safety considerations, an overview of how to inspect and maintain the system and goes in depth on aerobic systems and their operation and maintenance.

The course also provides answers to the most frequently asked septic system questions, including when to pump out tanks and what can or cannot go down the drain. This class will provide homeowners in Washington and Austin counties with the certification to maintain their own aerobic system.

Pre-registration for the event is now open at https://washington.agrilife.org/septic/. The course is free but registration is required and the course is limited to the first 60 participants to complete the online registration. Lunch will not be provided but attendees are welcome to bring a lunch and eat in the meeting room or take the one-hour lunch break to eat off site.

At the conclusion of the class participants will receive a certificate that must be presented to the Washington or Austin county environmental health offices (Washington: 979-277-6290 Austin: 979-865-5911).

For more information, call the Washington County Extension Office of Texas A&M AgriLife at 979-277-6212.


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