Happy anniversary, a few days late


I think I’ve said the phrase, “I’m officially an adult now,” after completing some task at least a hundred times since moving out on my own.

Officially being with The Sealy News a full year made me say it once again. I thought about it a lot when making my acceptance speech a few weeks ago and sort of forgot all about it until I returned to work from vacation Aug. 1, my second day on the job at that point last year.

I got caught up on everything I had missed in our staff meeting that morning after I had been gone for the previous week and traveled back down south on my actual work anniversary on the last day of July. This time around, I was familiar with the town and some faces and settled into the same chair I sat nervously at through my first staff meeting last year.

Both times we went over the fall sports preview and the paper so nothing super major but it’s incredible what happened over the last 12 months. The major highs and complementary lows always stick out but it’s some of those days in the middle that get overlooked in the shuffle but each one of those 365 days helped get me to the point I’m at today which is in contact with all of the coaches in Austin County and a contributing member of an overall team.

It’s that Fenice Community Media group that has made this first job seem so smooth and get me off on such a positive note. It’s kind of like that song about growing your roots, and even the Rossi brothers (the elder of which was just named Aggie band commander, you should read that story from the front page) mentioned being home is sort of referred to going back to your roots.

My deepest roots will forever be in my hometown of Milford, Mass., which I was able to return to last week, but I also feel like I’ve sprouted some roots down here in this little piece of America and once again I must thank you reading this article at the moment for keeping everything running and me in my office chair.

Without readers we wouldn’t be here and I found out early on just how passionate these small towns are for such quality, local journalism and I can’t thank you enough for holding us accountable and for wanting more out of this newspaper.

If I didn’t have anyone to do it for I don’t know what I would be doing it for, was the sentiment from Clayton Fritsch who has gone from representing Sealy on the state level for the UIL track championships, to the USA in the NACAC Championships and I agree with him.

He was more so referring to his support system and I was able to do that in person with my last vacation before the pedal was put all the way through the metal and fall sports started up earlier this week officially.

We had a great celebration Saturday night highlighted by a driveway concert, plenty of food and a few front-yard fireworks which certainly woke up a few people of the neighborhood but luckily a good chunk of it was next door with their families having a get-together, so we were good. The police only came after the show was over so we’re fine.

I got to see everyone who has been there every step of the way for both me and my brother and I’ll tell you what, it was good to see those familiar sights and smells and faces around my true starting grounds.

I hit up the beach with some friends, the oldest public beach in the nation actually (Revere Beach), where it was actually cool enough to sit outside in the sun without immediately drenching your shirt in sweat. The ocean breeze sure helped then as it did another day when the McNanna four headed to Castle Island in Boston to walk around and have lunch.

I was also able to grace America’s most beloved ballpark with my presence to watch David Price pitch to one of his former teams in the Tampa Bay Rays and although the Sox ended up on the losing side yet again, it got close toward the end and the electricity in the ballpark was exactly what I needed before picking up right where I left off, back down here in Sealy, America.

Thank y’all again for keeping our printers running and thank you again to The Sealy News team for making me a part of the squad making a difference here.

Cheers to plenty more of where that came.


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