Goodyear Blimp to join ranks in College Football Hall of Fame


Yes, you read that right.

The College Hall of Fame and the National Football Foundation have chosen the Blimp to be the first non-player or coach to be enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Although receiving an honorary designation, the former addition to network television’s coverage of the game has earned enough air-time to join the ranks of college football’s best.

When I first received the email from the NFF it was amongst others that Monday morning and so I brushed over it at first and continued about my day.

Later on in the day, I saw a couple tweets about it and I went back to check if I made a mistake in my reading of the information.

Nope, that was really it.

A Blimp was named an honorary member to the Hall of Fame for College Football.

Now it has been a figure synonymous with the biggest games in the country since its 1955 coverage of the Rose Bowl (50 bucks to the person who can tell me who won the game without looking it up), but I do feel like this will open up the floodgates for other items to join alongside later on.

But that will certainly be down the road as anything else will have to compete with the 64-year old blimp. Remember this column when something crazy like this happens in another 64 years.

In any case, I feel like the blimp is stealing the thunder from the real people who should be enshrined, the operators of the aircraft.

Without them, it’s just a big balloon.

But with the drivers and cameramen on board, it quickly turns into a very expensive balloon.

They’re the ones who drive around and around in circles, encompassing whichever stadium all eyes of America falls upon.

During Monday night’s College Football National Championship, they did include a pair of commentators to the real broadcast team and Elle Duncan and Matt Barrie enjoyed the sights and provided their perspective of the biggest game of the year on the college football stage.

That is something that I’m surprised took so long to formulate and feel as though we’ll be seeing that plenty more often from here on out.

I’m certainly among the crowd that did enjoy those flyover views before or during the game and it was clearly evident that whatever game was going on below was surely a big one.

Its impact has spread to other sports as even domed arenas with nothing else to show gets their few seconds of fame with the big camera inside the balloon giving fans the overhead view of what it would be like to be that high above a stadium.

My newest goal in life is to meet a College Football Hall of Famer and if it turns out to be a big balloon, I’ll be just as happy.


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