Gone fishin’: Sealy High forms fishing club


For many, a hobby is just a way to pass the time and enjoy time with friends. For Sealy High School sophomore Carter Cryan, he decided to turn it into a competition for himself, his friends and classmates.

Cryan said he had the idea of turning his love for fishing into a club at Sealy High School after learning his cousin competes on a fishing team at his school. He approached three friends, Hunter Thielemann, Colby Kendrick and Drake Grigar, to see if they were interested.

Once the four decided to form Sealy’s first ever fishing club, the next step was approaching the principal to begin the process.

“We really liked fishing and we wanted to compete ourselves so we went to Mrs. [Principal Megan] Oliver to find a faculty sponsor,” Cryan said. “It was something that sounded fun to us and we wanted to make it into something we can compete in too.”

After the four collaborated on a three-page proposal they had to present to the school with faculty sponsor Lavinia Owen, they had to find another faculty sponsor who could help with the logistics of putting together the club.

That’s when Kenneth Simms, the auto tech teacher at Sealy High School, stepped in.

“The boys approached me about it and I’m already addicted to fishing so I figured I would fit right in,” Simms said. “I thought it sounded awesome and I didn’t know it was a thing so I was excited to help get it off the ground.”

The boys first approached Oliver in November and from there, it began to come together before officially becoming a club two weeks prior to their first tournament in early February. Simms said the club is using his boat to compete and has included his classes in helping rebuild the motor and work on the trailer to help transport it to the competitions.

He also worked with students interested in design work create shirts for the club that they wear at their competitions.

They compete in the Houston Division of the Texas High School Bass Association which had more than 30 schools compete in their most recent tournament.

The club uses their own fishing equipment when they compete with the limit being two fishers per boat with a captain. Cryan and Thielemann competed in the club’s first tournament in Somerville.

The pair placed 43rd out 188 but finished with enough points, which are awarded per fish, to still be in the running for the state tournament.

“It was a long day especially because the weather was cold and rainy but I would say it was a really good experience,” Cryan said.

The club is open to both girls and boys and the members along with Simms and Owen are trying to get the message out to get more members to join.

“We would really like more people to come and join because we enjoy the sport and it’s fun sharing that with others,” Cryan said.

The club will compete this weekend in Lake Houston against 250 other boats. Simms said he is hopeful the club will have two boats to use for the tournament that will allow every member to compete.


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