Floral design competition blooms


The Austin County Fair is proud to announce that the floral design competition is growing again. This year we will be extending the Fair Cup competition to Juniors. Competitions will be held on Sunday, Oct. 7, in the Expo Building at the Austin County Fairgrounds.

These competitions are meant to give the children of Austin County an opportunity to explore the art of designing with flowers and broadening their horizons within the world of agriculture. Floriculture and horticulture are large components of the agriculture arena and we are happy to highlight the kiddos of our county participating in these new events.

Floral design is open to juniors (grades 3-8) and seniors (grades nine through 12) in teams or single entries and will compete within those categories. Fair Cup is open to juniors (grades three through eight) and seniors (grades nine through 12) and is a single entry only competition. This year entries will be submitted electronically to austincofloraldesign@gmail.com, each competition will be limited to the first twenty (20) exhibitors in each contest. Entries and payment are due by Sept. 1, 2018. Entry forms are available on-line at the Austin County Fair website under Floral Design. You will be notified via email if accepted in the competition. Payment and a copy of the entry form can be mailed to Floral Design, P.O. Box 1121, Sealy, Texas 77474.

The Floral Design competition is geared towards giving the exhibitor the ability to thoroughly design and create a full table scape design using fresh flowers and the fair theme as inspiration. This competition pulls in all aspects of floral design from developing a design to coordinate with a theme, ordering flowers, executing the design and finally presenting the final table scape.

Within this competition, each exhibitor or team is to bring their own tools, container, floral materials, materials for their table scape (plates, napkins, etc.) and supplies with them to the competition. There will be access to water and there will be a table provided with a black tablecloth of which must be used for the competition. The overall design and table scape must fit within the parameters of a 36-inch round table. This is a multi-part contest to be completed in one hour. The exhibitor will be judged on the design of their fresh flower arrangement, the setting of their table scape, as well as their record books (due Oct. 7) and overall look. The elements of design are to reflect the fair theme which is “Nothin’ but Fun at 91.” The top two junior and senior designs will be left on display in the Expo building during the week of the fair.

The new Fair Cup competition was developed to highlight the children’s ability to design a floral arrangement within a set time frame with products that are not disclosed until the competition begins. This is an impromptu timed creative event. For Fair Cup each exhibitor can bring the following permissible tools: Floral adhesive/glue(s), glue gun, floral cutters, wire, wire cutters, knife, scissors, floral tape(s). All floral material and container will be provided for you. Each exhibitor will have an hour to design and execute a centerpiece using the theme and materials provided. There will be a designated area to place your centerpiece for judging.

Sponsors are still needed, if you are interested in sponsoring this event or have any questions please email austincofloraldesign@gmail.com.


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