Embracing a healthier lifestyle


It’s time for a change.

Ever get stuck in a rut? Ever get stuck in a really bad rut? Ever get stuck in a really bad rut of eating fast food 70 percent of the time and having dessert every single day? I do.

For me, it started very innocently about six years ago when I was pregnant with our first child. I was tired and didn’t want to cook one night, and a few days later I still wasn’t in the mood. I don’t think it was two weeks before all of my good intentions for clean-eating were thrown out the window in favor of fast, easy … And delicious. Unfortunately, high-sugar/high-fat food tastes amazing, and it’s easy to get hooked on it.

Over the last several years I’ve gone through periods of time (some longer than others) where I pull myself and get back to healthier ways – more fruits and vegetables, fewer carbs. You know the drill. But, inevitably, life would start to get busy, and the importance of taking care of myself fell to the wayside. We’ve all heard Dr. Phil say, “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others,” but, lots of times, that feels much easier said than done.

For instance, about a year ago I was getting ready for major surgery. Recovery was a minimum of eight weeks, and during that time I wasn’t allowed to pick up anything more than 10 pounds - meaning any typical “mom work” was out. Before surgery, I told myself "You're going to eat well, and lose weight during the next two months – no desserts, low carbs.”

Umm, not so much.

The thing is that, when push came to shove, the only thing I had that could give me any “release” was food. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything so when I needed a "moment" … Well, I ate it. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but if a few Oreos was going to save my sanity and help me feel better, I was totally down for it. These moments are fine to have every so often, but going on a one, two, three, four-month bender meant this was no longer a temporary coping mechanism – this was my new lifestyle.

After so many months of treating myself so poorly, I began to feel poorly … A lot of the time. My allergies are worse than ever, I’m quick to get those little “bugs” going around, and, the worst part, is that I’m tired ALL of the time. Now, I’ve finally hit the wall, and am ready for a change – a big one.

There’s a yoga studio around the corner from my house, and I’ve found myself casually becoming a regular there – once or twice a week. The studio runs a “40 Days of Yoga” challenge twice a year, which focuses on total body health and wellness. They’re starting the next one this week, and guess who signed up? You got it – this Mama. I think every mom has dreams of getting back into those super-skinny pre-pregnancy jeans, but that’s not my goal. After getting into such a rut, I’m excited to try something very different, and see how it goes. Maybe it’ll be great, maybe I’ll stumble, but either way, I hope I finish and give myself the opportunity to say, "you did it."

Jordan Schupbach is a mother of three living in the Houston area. She blogs at www.lattesandliving.com - sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.


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