Coronavirus confirmed in Sealy


The first coronavirus case has been confirmed in Sealy.

A Facebook post Tuesday before noon from a Sealy resident said she had been feeling ill, went through the steps and was tested at her primary care physician at Rice Medical Center in Eagle Lake on March 23 at 1 p.m.

“What I’m about to tell you is not to scare or cause panic, but solely to inform & enlighten you all,” her post starts. “As some of you know I have been sick. I assumed it was all the pollen that has been floating around & carried on with my days...until yesterday, that’s when I felt so bad that I had to get checked out by my Doctor. She immediately recognized the symptoms & had me tested for COVID-19, unfortunately my test returned a positive result.”

The test confirmed “positive results are indicative of the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA;” the report states. “Clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. Positive and negative predictive values of testing are highly dependent on prevalence. False positive test results are more likely when prevalence is moderate to low.”

Still, all of the steps are being taken to help minimize the spread of the virus, starting in her own home.

“My family & I are all quarantined in our home, not even allowed to visit my parents for their safety,” the Facebook post continues. “We plan to follow doctors/CDC rules & stay quarantined until we are told it is safe. (The spouse) & kids have no signs or symptoms & we are doing our very best to keep it that way by me staying away from them as much as possible.”

The post adds that the health department is taking the necessary steps to contain this case as well as find its origin.

“Just to help ease some minds, yes the health department is involved, yes they are notifying anyone I have come in contact with, and yes they have started retracing my steps to figure out where I may have gotten it from,” her post says. “And to clear up the rumors, yes it’s real, yes it’s here, yes you can get tested, yes, you should stay home, ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel well no matter what you think you have.”

The woman confirmed that the health department out of Huntsville has been in contact with her gathering information and that nobody else in her family has shown symptoms or been tested yet.

Austin County Judge Tim Lapham released a statement on March 19 warning citizens to not be alarmed when the first case is announced.

“The number of reported cases will spike up drastically,” his Facebook post says. “Locally, statewide and nationwide. Expect this to happen, do not let this alarm you. Keep doing what you are doing to maintain your health and safety … Call Grandma and Grandpa again, they need to hear from you in times like this. Just hearing your voice will help keep them calm. Check on your neighbors, you know the ones who may need a little help during times like this.

“If you’re sick, stay home!” he continues “If you have a sick family member that lives with you, stay home! … Be smart, wash your hands and we will survive.”

Family hardship

In her post, the woman said this is a hardship on her family.

“What this means is we can’t go out & get groceries or necessities-so that we don’t expose our community any further- it means we are behind on school work because Mom has not felt like helping, it means I’m off work for an unforeseen amount of time without pay, it means we may need help from our community. (Possibly a toilet paper front porch drop off, and prayers, prayers are always welcome!) Thank you, to my Doctor for not worrying about 'wasting' a test & for having my best interest in mind and for always answering my 10,000 questions!!”


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Joshua Arterbury

This story is extremely fishy... it’s literally somebody’s Facebook post. Who confirmed this? How did she get a test result in one day? Did anyone even research this article?

Tuesday, March 24
Nathan DuPont

I agree with Josh. This is one of the largest false flags in the history of mankind. Any tests that the CDC, department of health or WHO use to test people are not allowed to analyzed. This whole thing is a hoax to create fear and gain power over the whole of the earth.

More than likely these tests only test for the.common cold or flu. How else would the average person know.

Ask yourself this, who do you know that has the coronavirus? Answer is, nobody. It's not real. Why do we have to.send these tests off to only specific labs? Because this is a controlled theater. Hoax, hoax hoax

Thursday, March 26