My new most-favorite concert


I can now officially say, “This ain’t my first rodeo,” and not have it be a corny dad joke.

I was lucky enough to have the press-box view of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Saturday afternoon and caught some World Championship performances before Brad Paisley took the rotating stage to play us out.

It was quite the opposite end of the spectrum to the anxiety I had taking my seat in that press box ahead of the week-three matchup between the Texans and Giants that will serve as my first professional coverage.

Instead, I knew exactly which elevator I needed to get to the coolest vantage point in any stadium and worked my way to a perfect front-row seat to look down upon, a bunch of dirt?

What the heck was that, where are the yard markers and officials?

Well, eventually people came out and drew a square in the dirt, setting the boundaries for the calf scramble while the referees were instead perched upon horses, observing the action from above.

Instead of waiting until halftime to get something to eat, there were snacks available whenever and a bar to wash it all down with.

One of the other events I did get to see before the musical outro was mutton busting, which I was told was the best event out there and there were no falsehoods in that statement.

Little kids in full-caged hockey helmets hold on for dear life on a sheep that runs its hardest out of the gate into a host of the previous sheep that had taken a go at bucking a five-year-old child off their back.

I can easily say I had seen nothing like that in my previous 23 years and I can greatly use that as my transition to my newest favorite concert, once again partially biased due to the seats.

But the only other real concert I had been to before was a show at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Boston where I met up with my brother and our friends from our neighborhood to see Cage the Elephant where the lead singer, Matt Schultz was famous for coming out into the stage in intimate settings such as the one we were in.

Long story short, definitely got a selfie with him but lost that piece of evidence in one of the many phone upgrades which I'm sure will not happen with the bunches of front-row viewers to Paisley’s show who got an all-time selfie.

Wireless technology is so amazing that it had me thinking Paisley had pre-recorded his guitar riffs because there was no way he was doing it that well while walking around, singing at the same time also by the way, but there was no way that was a thing.

Eventually, he worked his way down off the star stage and went right up to a section where a rope was holding people away from this star and they freaked.

It was really cool to see and even hear the people in the press box get excited about the next song and the reactions of the fangirls in the audience.

I was in and out of one of these thought processes when a lyric sort of came out of nowhere and stuck to my windshield, a concept that has been happening a good amount recently.

But it was in his song, “Today” where the chorus eventually goes; “I don't know about tomorrow, right now the whole world feels right, and the memory of a day like today, can get you through the rest of your life.”

I absolutely believe that memory will stick with me the rest of my life and I can’t thank Karen and April enough for giving me this opportunity to be involved with this community and write sports and get the chances to do things like this.

It’s those things that make it all worth it and will forever make this chapter in my life a very exciting one.


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