RIP to my fantasy football team


It was a good run, Kennan Allen’s Beard.

Even the No. 2 seed in the playoffs couldn’t help my fantasy team overcome some key losses and I was booted right out of contention.

Normally I don’t even get involved with fantasy leagues with friends because I always seemingly lose interest in keeping up with my team (just check in on my fantasy hockey team).

But this football season was a little different for some reason; maybe it was because I was away from home and more involved with football this fall, or maybe it was because I still put together a decent draft whilst barely paying attention.

Maybe it was the group of former co-workers from the Globe that made it more interesting.

Whatever it really was, I did appreciate it because it turned out to be a good season, regular season at least.

It was a string of runs, starting with three straight victories followed by a two-point loss that came down to the last game of the week on Monday Night Football.

Kareem Hunt’s 24.5 points weren’t quite enough to bring me all the way back and Hank’s quarterback, Case Keenum (Go Coogs), performed just about on par with his professional career and turned out seven whole points to give Team Brechter a 129-127 advantage. As you can clearly tell, I’m well over it.

After that, four consecutive wins followed (including one over the eventual champion) only to be followed up by three losses in a row.

But I ended the season with two more wins (and another one over the eventual champion) and secured the top spot in my conference with a 9-4 record.

In the first round of the postseason I faced the same team I opened the season against and although I turned out the lowest point total of the season up to that point, Team Mozey put up even less, boasting a pair of players who failed to register a singular point.

The next round I ran into that eventual champion and mine was the team where two players were unable to put points on the board as I was exposed for having a lack of depth at the running back position following the suspension of Kareem Hunt, although that’s a whole different story.

Karl’s team only scored 68 points but I only registered 59.5 where Kennan Allen, my team’s namesake, left his game with an injury, while the Los Angeles Rams’ defense surrendered 30 points and over 350 yards to the Philadelphia Eagles, offsetting the points created by intercepting two passes.

Oh, by the way, my backup defense of the Washington Redskins produced 16 points on my bench. Obviously, I’ve gotten over that as well.

And so we went to the final week of the season where my only quarterback, Phillip Rivers, secured three whole points and Hunt’s backup-turned-starter Damien Williams (also on my bench) would have given me an extra 20.5 points although that wouldn’t have even put me over the top of my competitor who had Deshaun Watson who went off for 35 points.

It was the consolation game to see who would finish in third place overall, staying within the money bracket, earning his entry fee back.

I fell just outside those criteria in fourth place, which might as well have been at the basement of the standings with Lenny Rowe, although I know he doesn’t take any offense.

But the bigger point, as previously mentioned, was that I beat Karl, the champion, twice in the regular season, when it meant the most.

So I am officially submitting an appeal to the commissioner of the league to get my money back as well, going 2-1 against the top team in the league.

Here’s looking at you Commissioner “Austin,” give me my money back before I tell everyone your real name.


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