Bobbie Noles Sumerlin


Bobbie Noles Sumerlin 


There are those of few words, and those with too many. Bobbie Sumerlin was a woman who had just the right amount to say, knowing how and when to say them. Bobbie had zero tolerance for rudeness, tardiness or people that “couldn’t behave right”. She also had tremendous patience and care for those with heart, ambition and those who came to her for guidance. She perpetually told her friends and family how extremely proud she was of them, how much she loved them, and how much she enjoyed their company. Bobbie put the comfort and well-being of her friends and family first, and always placed her own needs a distant second. Having lived in the West Texas summer heat without electricity until age 11, she didn’t complain about much in life aside from not being able to hear in a crowded restaurant, or a movie with foul language.

Standing at 4’11 and 100 pounds, Bobbie left a monumental footprint on earth. Her career centered on instilling discipline, manners, respect and courage, and her patience and willingness to help those around her was beyond incredible. Having spent her entire life as an educator, it’s very clear that music was only her course subject matter. The lessons she taught and the manner in which she did so were far more about life. The thoughts and memories shared by former students are an enormous testament to her influence, and at the same time, a reminder of the ambitious bar she set so high for us all. 

At 84, Bobbie was as sharp and current as any. Up until her last day on earth, she utilized the latest technological devices, drove into the Houston traffic fearlessly to visit friends and family, managed rental properties, negotiated deals, took international trips, traded stocks, texted, used Facebook, and even recently asked her grandson to explain to her “this Electronic Dance Music”.

Bobbie loved God, and the people that God brought close to her. She was enthusiastically active in the church her entire adult life, and contributed a countless amount of time, energy and charity towards the care of others. Bobbie was a humble, pragmatic and giving person, but there is no doubt she took a first class ticket to Heaven. She is now watching us from above, hand-in-hand with Macon Sumerlin, the husband and best friend she adored for 54 years, encouraging us all to give life everything we have. 

Bobbie is survived by her sons Michael and John Sumerlin, grandson Austin Sumerlin, in-laws Debbie Rindy Sumerlin, Edwin Gregory and Shawna Sumerlin, countless friends, former students and extended family members, and four precious dogs she cared for like her children.

In closing, Bobbie would like to remind you that whether you have five more years to live or 50, it’s not too late to widen your footprint. Greatly missed and eternally remembered: Bobbie Louise Noles Sumerlin: B: September 6, 1931 – D: Good Friday, March 25th 2016.

Services will be at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 515 Meyer Street, Sealy, TX 77474 (corner of Highway 36 and 6th St.) at 2:00pm Wednesday, March 30, with a reception at the church following. In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to Bobbie’s church.

Contact: Mike Sumerlin 281 384 6776.


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