Bicycle dangers, safety guidelines


With bicycle races set as ongoing events along the side of Hwy. 2187, bicycle safety and laws are important for residents and visitors to the Sealy area.

“Bicyclists have the same rights and rules as any other vehicle. They have to follow the laws,” said Lieutenant Chris Hudson with the Sealy Police Department. “They have to follow stop signs, red lights, and any other traffic signs that a normal vehicle would.”

Hudson said that cyclists have to use hand signals.

“They should ride on the right side of road, with traffic, as close to curb as possible,” he said.

Night safety on bicycles is very important.

“During the night, especially, they should have a working headlight and red reflector on the back or as a red light,” Hudson said.

Since they must follow vehicular law, people on bicycles have a right to the road just like motorist do, Hudson said.

Bicyclists during races tend to travel in a pack-like manner, though they should take up a single file.

“They’re are not supposed to ride that way. Two a brisk. They are supposed to ride in single file,” Hudson said.

“If you are on a curve, on a hill, its best to wait to pass. If you have a safe area to pass, then pass, use a blinker, tap the horn to let them know. They might not think you are [honking] to be nice, but still,” Hudson said.

Overall, cyclists should take the same safety precautions as a vehicle, Hudson said.

“The motorists need to realize [that people on bicycles] have the same rights as them. [Motorist] should make sure to only pass in a passing zone to pass and do so safely,” he said.

Hudson said safety for everyone is important.

“All drivers, whether driving a bicycle or car, need to be safe. Bicyclists should wear a helmet, wear clothes that attract attention. Check your bicycle, just like a driver would check their car before they drive,” Hudson said. “Make sure everything is in perfectly working order.”


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