‘Be consistent and be fair’


He doesn’t want a lot of attention. He doesn’t want to make any sweeping changes. Jay Reeves just wants to maintain the respect of his fellow officers and ensure that Sealy residents feel safe in their community.

Reeves was unanimously selected Aug. 21 by the Sealy City Council to serve as police chief, after a brief stint as acting chief following Chris Noble’s resignation late last month.

Reeves grew up in West University Place near Houston and was a patrol officer in Eagle Lake and Weimar before coming to Sealy 24 years ago.

“Law enforcement was never really on the horizon for me because both my parents were in law enforcement,” he said. “It wasn’t really anything I thought about doing. After going to the academy, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do and I wished I hadn’t wasted those years.”

He acknowledged that there’s been some unrest lately in the wake of Noble’s surprise departure – but he said he thinks Sealy PD’s team of 24 officers is solid and dedicated. The position Reeves formerly held – assistant chief – is now open, and he alluded to administrative changes coming soon.

“We’re fortunate to have a group of officers that have one goal in mind, to make sure the citizens are safe,” he said. “Sealy is a smaller department. You form bonds very quickly. You surround yourself with hard-working, good people.”

He credited Noble with doing “a lot of good” for Sealy, and said he wants to continue those initiatives.

“We want to be out in the community and using social media, doing things like National Night Out,” Reeves said.

The married father of three sons said he considers Sealy home, even though his address is outside the city limits.

“I truly care about the community, and that goes over to the officers,” he said. “They can work anywhere. They work here because they want to work here.”

The new chief said his job is the greatest in the world, but he wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

“It changes you, and you don’t even know what’s happening,” he said. “I wouldn’t want anyone I care about to have to deal with the things we deal with and see the things we see. My kids still have a wonderful outlook on the world, and I want them to keep that. It’s hard doing what we do, but you keep coming back because tomorrow is going to be the day that you do something to help somebody.”

Reeves said he wants to assure the public that they will receive the same great service from the police department that they’ve grown accustomed to. He encourages his officers to treat people with kindness and respect.

“When you start law enforcement, you have the ideology that you want to change the world,” he said. “Then you figure out that you’re not going to change the world but you can make one place better. Be consistent and be fair. If you can make a positive change, you’ve been successful.”


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